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Back to normal

Sure, Kev isn’t back at work yet, but things are pretty much back to normal here at Chez Donahue. We’ve been watching our diets, and we’ve been walking twice a day every day, and I’ve added some pool time to that. Since Kevin had is heart attack a little over a week ago, I’ve lost 8 pounds and Kevin’s lost 12. I have a feeling that a lot of that is due to stress (on my part) and diuretics (on his). Still, though, I now weigh less than I did when we got married, which is a nice feeling.

We’ll be slowly and steadily increasing our walking time (we did a mile tonight, and I’ve added hand weights to my walks), so by the time we finally get back to the beach, we’ll be the hottest things there. And no, I clearly don’t suffer from any sort of low-self esteem issues. 😉

All in all, I’m pretty proud of us!

3 Responses to “Back to normal”

  1. Kevin Donahue Says:

    Yay we! 🙂

  2. camille Says:

    “we’ll be the hottest things there” – aside from the nurse sharks and ‘cudas, you’ll be the ONLY things there! not that you won’t be hot, of course.

  3. Merrin Donahue Says:

    @ Camille: That’s EXACTLY what Dana said when I told her that. How ’bout we’ll be the hottest things at Nipper’s (provided that Kate Hudson isn’t there again)?

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