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Celebrate Me Home

That’s right…KEVIN’S HOME!!!!!!! They sprung him a full day early. He came home today around 5:30, and boy, is he ever happy. He’s tucked into his own bed tonight, and he’s doing really really well. He’s tired, but maybe that’s because he spent a good part of the day wandering the cardiac ward and terrorizing charming the nurses. His enzymes look fantastic, he has the blood pressure of a 10 year-old, and his heart rate is slow and steady.

I fixed him a turkey sandwich on wheat for dinner, complete with fat-free chips (yes, they make delicious fat-free chips…look for the Lay’s Light, not Baked Lays). He checked a little email, surfed a little interwebs, and then headed to bed. Tomorrow we’re going to settle into our new routine of, um, doing absolutely nothing for the next few weeks. He’s got a follow-up appointment with the cardiologist in 3 weeks, and from there the doctor will determine whether or not to release him for work or keep him home one more week. Either way, it’s a hell of crappy way to get an extended vacation.

Thanks to everyone for all of your support, well-wishes, emails, thoughts, and prayers. We’ll definitely be making some phone calls over the next few days, and we’ll be responding to emails as soon as we get settled. You guys rock for keeping our spirits up over the past few days!

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  1. TigerEducated Says:

    Mrs. Donahue,

    Best wishes to you & Frank The Tank over there…From here on out, try not to squeeze Home Depot & Bed, Bath, & Beyond into the same Sunday.

    Tell Kevin we wish him all the best, & thanks for checking in on us over there at the Zoo…Lord knows someone has to…



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