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56 Hours Later

Kevin is doing REALLY REALLY well. We had a quiet anniversary today, at least until they moved him out of ICU. The best part of today (other than the fact that, you know, we got to have another anniversary) is that I got to crawl up into bed with him and cuddle for a little while. He was also up and walking quite a bit, and he says he feels a whole lot better (and he looks a lot better too). We’re both still emotional, and I suspect we will be for a while.

I left the hospital pretty early today (around 5:30), because I wanted him to have some time with his parents (and for them to have some time with him), but also because I wanted to have a little time to myself. I am in desperate need of some normal (and some sleep). Kevin called me tonight right before he turned in, and for the first time since all of this happened, I really feel like we’ll get back into some sort of routine that doesn’t involve hospitals or monitors.

Now I’m about off to bed. Maybe I’ll even get some sleep tonight.

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