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I’m So Proud

Pretty much everybody knows that I buy bottled water every week, since I can’t stomach the stuff from the tap. We went to a different store yesterday, though, and they didn’t have our usual brand of water, so I picked up the least of the remaining evils Nestle Pure Life.

Last night, just before he got in bed, Kevin opened one of the new bottles. He made a terrible face and immediately said “This tastes nasty!”. It would seem that after YEARS of mocking me about my water preferences, something has finally begun to sink in. I couldn’t be any prouder. {{sniff}}

One Response to “I’m So Proud”

  1. Kevin Donahue Says:

    I don’t know why/how, but the Nestle we bought totally reminded me of “Can’t Hardly Wait”:

    “No one drink the beer! The beer has gone bad!”

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