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I Scream You Scream

I have a life-long addiction to ice cream. I am an ice cream junkie. I have never met an ice cream I didn’t like, and I have a special place in my heart for Haagen Dazs Mayan Chocolate. It’s dangerously good. One of the things I really REALLY wanted for Christmas was the Cuisinart ICE-20 ice cream maker, and my mother-in-law was happy to enable oblige me. I’ve made a few batches of various flavors so far, but today, I went for the Holy Grail of ice creamy goodness. As we speak, my own rendition of Mayan Chocolate is freezing in my whisper-quiet ice cream maker.

In other news, Wii Fit better hurry up and get released soon, otherwise my ass is gonna be the size of Montana.

UPDATE: It is officially delicious, and better than the original. Sadly, the clothes that have grown too big on me will start to fit again soon….

3 Responses to “I Scream You Scream”

  1. denise Says:

    Mmmmmmm… The ice cream looks delish! I’ve always wanted to buy one of those ice cream makers but was afraid that the ice cream wouldn’t taste as good as what I can buy. Let me know how it turns out! 🙂

  2. camille Says:

    I need the Wii Fitness to hurry up because with all the bread I’ve been baking this week I’m sure to grow as well!

  3. Angela Says:

    I knew I liked you. I too have an ice cream addiction (after looking at my figure I know you’re stunned) and I love the Mayan Chocolate.

    If you like carrot cake you should try the walmart brand carrot cake ice cream. It’s carrot flavored ice cream with a cream cheese swirl. Dear lord it’s heaven.

    That site for the ICE20 almost makes it sound like a juicer the way they’re plugging it’s many healthful uses. I can pretend but I know I’d only use it for rich sinful ice cream if I had one.

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