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This is News?!?

I am a news whore. I know this. In fact, I embrace it. WFAA is hands-down the best local news broadcast in the country. The reporters and their stories are regularly featured on Good Morning America. Aside from the appalling lack of a decent grocery store, the only other drawback of living in Florida is the even more appalling local news. Now, while it’s not as bad as say, Shreveport, it IS bad. Very very very bad. How bad is bad?

I’m so glad you asked. As I sit typing this, there is a “Breaking News Story” being broadcast courtesy of my local NBC affiliate. The Breaking News happens to, in actuality, be a lesson on how to cross the street. Here’s the exact transcript:

“Don’t misunderstand: A flashing red hand means you have time left to cross. You shouldn’t start into the intersection, but keep moving while it flashes. The numbers indicate how long you have before the light turns red. Use the cross-walk. Punch the button. Walk with the light. Because the only way you can be sure that you’re going to be safe is to make sure all the cars around you are stopped.”

Back at the news desk…..
“And get this: Some people dodge traffic and walk toward the closest cross-walk anyway, meaning they passed up an opportunity to walk safely to that exact. Same. Spot.”

Seriously. This is breaking news. How to cross a friggin’ street. I miss you, WFAA. I miss Gloria Campos and John McCaa. I really miss Delkus.
*bangs head on table*

3 Responses to “This is News?!?”

  1. statia Says:

    Hahaha. You know what’s sad? Some people around here need that. Especially in the city.

  2. John McCaa Says:

    Thanks for the nice coments…

    Hope you enjoy Florida.

  3. John McCaa Says:


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