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We’re Here

And I couldn’t have made it without Camille. Seriously. There are no words to express just how blessed we are to have her as our friend. She made the long drive seem easy and quick, she played mommy to my dogs (who are right now wondering where she is), she helped me figure out where stuff is gonna go in our new house, and she totally went along for the ride at Epcot (even though I know that secretly she didn’t really want to go, but I think she had a good time). The movers will be here in a couple of minutes, and then I get to spend the day with them, Terminix, and DirecTV, but after today, all I have to concentrate on is settling in. I’ll start unpacking just as soon as they start off-loading boxes, and hopefully, I’ll be done by the end of the weekend. Which will be perfect, since I’m totally hounding Kevin into taking me back to the Mouse’s House next weekend.

But really? In case I haven’t said it enough (and I haven’t): Thanks, Camille. You rock!

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  1. Camille Says:

    Thanks. But you rock too! Thanks for feeding me and taking care of me. :o)

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