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Dog Days: Part Deux

After last week’s drama with Chloe, Rigley decided that she, too, needed some attention. She refused to eat for two days (flu bug), and then the tumor on her toe started to really give her some trouble, so she was off to the vet today. She has been a couple of times before to have her tumors aspirated, but I was really worried about this one. Thankfully, the pathology came back negative for cancer (yet again). I know I stress way too much over all her lumps and bumps, but even the vet told me to stop it. I am finally coming to terms with the fact that my spry and active dog is, in fact, an old lady. She IS 12 & 1/2 after all, and her tumors are like my gray hairs: They’re just a sign of age. She’s pretty pissed at me now, though, since she had to have a 3 inch needle stuck in her foot, but at least I know that she’s perfectly healthy, if a little bit bumpy.

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