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Ooops, She Did it Again

My dog has super-powers. Her secret identity is “Anaphylactic Shock Dog”. Chloe has always been prone to severe allergic reactions, and today was a little worse than usual. I have no idea what got her (and remember, this is a dog who once licked a toad and got all crazy high from it), so I took her in for an emergency vet visit (something she HATES), after I gave her a benadryl and it didn’t seem to do any good. A *huge* dose of benadryl and steroids later, she’s now conked out on the floor, and I’ll have to wake her up soon for some more drugs. I’m just really glad that it happened when I was here to catch it, and not over this past weekend when we were out of town. I don’t quite know what the vet thought when I mentioned the “Toad-Licking Incident of 2004” and the litany of other problems she’s had; to us, she’s totally normal, and we’re used to her little idiosyncrasies. Ever since the first time it happened, we’ve known what to do, but she needed a little more than just the antihistamine today. She’s not so red anymore, and the swelling appears to be going down, so I’m going to keep an eye on her for the next couple of days, but she should be back to normal in no time.

2 Responses to “Ooops, She Did it Again”

  1. Kevin Donahue Says:

    Maybe it was the recalled chili dogs! 😉

  2. Merrin Donahue Says:

    She was a champ at the vet! I wish she was more of a wuss; that way, I would have known the minute she got bitten.

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