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Start the Countdown

33 days until the annual trip to the beach. It sucks that this will not be the annual Coopahue trek to the islands, but I am holding out all kinds of hope for next year.

35 days until we have a new nephew! Seriously? Has it really been 8 months already?

21 days until the annual Buffett concert. Buffett always seems to kick off the “beach season” in the Donahue household. Sadly, this will be the first May in a while that we aren’t gone for most of the month. But if there’s only one beach in our future this year, I sure am glad it’s Guana.

22 days until our 7th wedding anniversary, and I am more in love with my husband than the day I said “I do”.

9 days until we reach 6 months into our adoption wait. That’s about 1/3 of the way through, unless, of course, things decide to speed up. That’s ok. Our baby girl will be sooooo worth the wait! Also? It sure doesn’t seem like it’s already been 6 months.

4 days until we head down to East Texas to visit the Coopers and celebrate a certain birthday….I know I just said it above, but time really does fly!

So there you have it. April and May are shaping up to be pretty great months.

3 Responses to “Start the Countdown”

  1. Kevin Donahue Says:

    Love you most!

  2. courtney Says:

    I think you left something off your list…it’s happening in about 10 days 😉

  3. Camille Says:

    ROFL at Courtney!!!!!!

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