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Archive: December 2006

Kickin’ It Old School, Yo

We’re headed off in a few hours to ring in the New Year with Josh, Kamel, and Little G. It’s hard to believe that this is our fourth straight New Year’s together….time sure does fly when you get old. We’re pretty excited to see the progress on their new house, but mostly, we’re happy just to get to spend a few days with all of them.
Oh yeah, and maybe be serenaded by Kevin. Just sayin’.

Home Again

But not for long. Home=laundry, then packing. We had a good time in Florida, but our dogs sure were happy to see us tonight. Kev goes back to work tomorrow, and then we’re off again on Saturday to see J,C, and little G. CAN. NOT. WAIT!!!!!!!!! There is a rumor that they’re putting us to work, but I would be willing to work all weekend if it means we get to spend some good, quality time with them.

Merry Christmas

To everybody near and far, Kevin and I wish you the merriest of Christmases. We are fortunate this year to be with lots of family and friends, and we send you all of our love if we’re not with you today. May your day be merry and bright.

Sweet Release!

I have an embarrassing problem that I have lived with since birth. If you’ve known me for any length of time, you may have noticed. I’m not particularly self-concious about it, because you have to look really closely to realize that I have a hideous deformity. In fact, the only time I obsess about it in public is when I’m listening to my iPod, even though the headphones cover it up. BUT! That’s just the problem. I have been foroced to wear headphones my entire life.

Unlike the rest of you, I have abnormally small ear holes. I have never been able to wear earbuds because they are all too big. Yes, I have tried the ones that come in super-small toddler sizes, but they are still too big. So. It’s been headphones–big, bulky, black, ugly–headphones. UNTIL NOW.
I have finally succeeded in finding the perfect pair of earbuds. I have been released from my prison of ugly over-the-ear headphones, and have moved into the blessedly small territory of the earbud. These suckers are comfortable, they block out noise as well as the more expensive Bose headphones, and–better still–they fit my mutant ears. This is a red-letter day for me, to be sure. And something tells me that Kevin will be pleased not to have to listen to me lament about my freakishly small and hideously deformed ear holes anymore. Hooray!


I’m pretty sure lots of people know that Mark Twain was born and died with Halley’s Comet, but there are some freaky coincidences out there. After reading this, don’t tell me that God doesn’t have a sense of humor.

Kevin Bacon

Last night, Primetime ran an interesting experiment to determine whether or not you really could connect with a complete stranger using only six connections. To be fair, this was inspired by the Columbia University study. Surprisingly, you actually can. I found this really fascinating.
I mean, sure, we’ve all played Six Degrees before, whether it’s with Kevin Bacon or just some random people. But they’ve actually proven that it really is a small world. Personally, I already knew that, since I have a very good friend who dated the same guy I did in High School, even though we all lived 50 miles apart and she and I didn’t meet until three years ago. If that’s not karma, I don’t know what is (and yes, there’s more to this particular story).
Do you think you could connect to a complete stranger using only personal connections (friends, family, friends-of-friends)? No interwebs to run a search of the person’s name; that would be cheating. I’m pretty sure I could do it. What about you?


I wonder if we can expect to get Paris Syndrome if we go to Paris in the Spring. Somehow, I doubt it. I’ve been there before, and I think it’s safe to say that I didn’t build it up into some impossible dream.
Poor Japanese tourists.

I Like You! Do You Like Me?!?

If you haven’t seen Borat yet, do it now. Normally, I have an aversion for watching unsuspecting people get humiliated in front of an international audience; however, it is frickin’ HILARIOUS. Seriously. Go watch it now. I know that Borat’s lexicon will soon be incorporated into the everyday dialogue in the Donahue household.

News Snobs

Kamel and I recently had a discussion about good local news vs. cheesy, bad, 80’s-like local news. I am fortunate enough to have really, really, really good local news. I am spoiled. I admit it. Kamel moved away not long ago, and sadly, she is subjected to the “news” station that broadcasts out of Shreveport (sorry, people from the ArkLaTex region, but your news kinda sux). We all get married to our favorite news channels, but for me, it will always be Channel 8. I love everything about it: the news, the traffic, but most of all, the weather.
During the last bout of snow and ice, I was like a junkie. I couldn’t get enough of Troy Dungan, Pete Delkus, and Magic-Fingers McCauley. Kamel even joked that I should hold the phone up to the TV so she could hear, too.
The point of all of this is: This is how you know you’re old. I’ve come to accept the fact that I am a 60 year-old trapped in a 31 year-old body. I know that I have an unnatural affinity for ABC News. Kevin pointed out that I am, in fact, an old lady since I would rather watch Nightline than Letterman.
I’m not alone in my news snobbery, though, since it’s quite clear that Kamel is on the same bandwagon, even though she may not be playing the tune as loud.
There. A post that is suitable even for dial-up! 🙂

For Kamel, Who Says I Never Post

How Stupid Do You Have To Be?

Seriously. If you find yourself hurling your Wii remote at the TV, I think you may have a serious problem. And suing Nintendo isn’t the solution to your stupidity. Personally, I can manage to hang on to the Wii remote without the assistance of the “safety strap”, but maybe if you used it you wouldn’t be ruining your $2000 flat-screen TV.


Pictures of the aforementioned house are now here.

The Archangel! Where’s The Archangel?!?!?

Everybody has that one house in their neighborhood. You know the one I’m talking about. The house that you secretly start looking at starting the day after Thanksgiving. The house that (publicly) you declare an absolute holiday abomination but (privately) you. Think. Is. AWESOME. There is a house like that just down the street from us (and, no, I’m not talking about the Tenement on Wheels House) that defies all logic. It must be seen to be believed.
I first noticed this house on my way home from work two years ago. Every day, I would drive by and notice one or two more things added to the holiday scene played out on the front lawn of a modest house in a modest suburb. The first thing that caught my eye was the full-sized skating pond that showcased Pooh and all his friends. The next day, I beheld the life-sized Santa and Snowmen in the two front windows of the house. Then, I caught the carolers , complete with a full-sized chapel….AND LIVE MUSIC. Then came the train that circled around the yard and also…..PLAYED LIVE MUSIC. Finally, one day, I came cruising up the street and there it was in all its Christmas glory. The nativity scene. I’m not talking about the illuminated plastic nativity scene, either. No, sir. Not at this house. These were actual-size nativity people kneeling around a suprising life-like baby Jesus. With, you guessed it…LIVE MUSIC.
I mentioned previously that something new was added each day, almost in a “Twelve Days of Christmas” fashion. Secretly, though, I think that they just kept stumbling on more and more Christmas crap stored in their attic, but whatever. Finally, one day, I drove by and there it was. The Archangel. Flying high over the whole scene in all her majesty. This year, I have made Kevin drive by that house at least three times, and each time, I panic because the damn Archangel is nowhere to be found, and, let’s be honest, the Archangel pretty much makes the whole scene. Finally, FINALLY, we drove by this weekend and took our place behind the long line of cars waiting to see the holdiay monstrosity display laid out before us, and there she was: The Archangel.
Now I feel like the holiday season is truly upon us. And, yes, I plan on taking a picture and posting it here, because it simply must be seen to be believed.




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