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What’s That Wet Stuff?

Imagine my surprise when something wet started falling from the sky. I have a distant memory of it, but I still couldn’t quite place it. Turns out, it was rain. Buckets and buckets of rain. Bear in mind, we haven’t seen rain in these here parts in MONTHS. Certainly not significant rain like today’s. I’m talking huge storms, hail, high winds, and RAIN. The last time it rained here was July 4th, and that only lasted about 30 minutes. Plus, even if it rains somewhere else in the Metroplex, it always seems to miss the Mound. Not today, though. I actually took pictures, because who knows when we’ll see it again. Boy howdy, it sure is nice to see some precipitation around here. The funny thing is that Kevin works 12 miles away, and he never saw a drop. Hmmm. More for me!

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