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Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Here’s the thing: I’m 30. I’ll be 31 at the end of this month. So why, may I ask, do I need a booster shot? I had all my vaccinations when I was a kid. I had the final round when I was 18. I distinctly remember thinking at the time: “Woo hoo! No more boosters!”. How wrong I was.
Yesterday, my doctor decided I needed a booster shot. Again: I’M 30!!! In case you don’t remember what it’s like, please allow me to refresh your memory. The needle stick? Painless. The agony that ensues? Sheer and utter torture. I actually think it would hurt less if I just went ahead and severed my own arm. Nurse Ratched managed to stick the needle all the way into my joint. Ouch.
Just when you thought you’d finally outgrown all your childhood agonies, they come right back and bite you in the ass. Or the arm.

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