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Archive: February 2006


I am so sick and tired of the endless news reports about how dangerous pedicures are. Every night for two weeks, the news has been full of reports of a local woman’s “death by pedicure” (it’s even made CNN and World News Tonight). Here’s the deal: if you get your toes done in, let’s say, a gas station, then you probably are inviting problems. However, if you do your homework, and you ask the right questions at your salon, then you can pretty much rest assured that you’re not gonna die. Caveat emptor, anyone?
What ever happened to consumer responsibility? Sure, I feel bad for the woman who died of complications from a staph infection, but come on. You’re putting your feet into the same basin that a whole lot of other people put their feet in. That’s no different from not wearing shower shoes in your dorm’s communal shower (and didn’t we all learn that lesson already?). I trust my spa. They work pretty hard to clean the basins and the drains. And if you’re not sure, just ask to see the screens. They’ll show you. They showed me.
So what’s my point? Here it is: I won’t stop getting my toes done. I like it. They look pretty, and my feet always feel better afterwards. Plus, I recognize my own responsibility when I do stuff like this. My eyebrows will still get waxed, my nails will still get done, and, by God, my toes will still get painted.
And if we’re lucky, the evening news will stop the panic.

Fins Up!

After skipping a year, Saint Jimmy is on his way back to Big D, just in time for a Donahue family tradition. See, each April, Mr. Buffett makes an appearance on (or near) our wedding anniversary. We even saw Buffett the week we got married. The Jimmy Buffett concert is the kick-off to our summer, since we typically leave for the islands right after the show. This year, we’ll leave the following week, but still….Nothing says “vacation” like the Buffett concert! I can’t wait!!!!!
P.S. Don’t worry, C, we won’t make you wear a coconut bra on your first visit……..


Can somebody please tell me why Entertainment Tonight is so fascinated with Tonya Harding?

Lady of Leisure?

Not so much. See, I painted the whole house. Kevin says that I am not allowed to use that against him in any future argument, but the fact remains: I painted the whole house. From the front door to the back, the whole house has now been painted. Are you getting the picture? I think I underestimated just how large of an undertaking this was, but it’s done now, and it looks fabulous!

What a Difference a Day Makes

85 yesterday. 35 today. Seriously. I wore shorts and a t-shirt a mere 24 hours ago, and tonight, I can’t find a coat warm enough. What gives, Mr. Weatherman?
You’d think I’d be used to this after 30 years, but Texas weather somehow still manages to surprise me.

T Minus 8 Hours

But I’m sure I can cut that down to 6. Yep, that’s right! Just one more day working in the hell that is retail! Hooray!!!!!!

What Are You Gonna Do Now?

Merrin Donahue, you just quit your job. What are you gonna do now? Well, predictably, I’m going to Disney World.
Actually, we just got back from the House of Mouse, and we had a blast. I’m sure that Kevin will post pictures soon, and I, too, will give a more detailed account of just how far I’ve been sucked in by Walt’s marketing genius, but for now, I’m enjoying the prospect of only 4 more work days. Oh, I’m sure I’ll find something part time eventually, but I have a large list of neglected chores around the house to tackle, and I’m not in a huge hurry to join the gainfully employed right now (especially since I still have some time left to put in at the hell hole of a job that I’m leaving).
Lots of news in Donahueland these days, huh?




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