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Damn Bugs

Lemme check. Yep. Still sick. Dammit. It’s like I have concrete in my sinuses. Like 1,000,000 tiny flies are dancing in my throat. I’ve tried sooooo hard not to take any Heart Attack in a Bottle pills today, but I’m about to have to give in. Mucinex just isn’t bulldozing through my sinus cavities enough to give me any relief. I sound like an enitre flock of Canadian geese. I bet the husband can’t wait to crawl into bed with his snotty wife tonight. Damn, I’m glamorous.

2 Responses to “Damn Bugs”

  1. Dawn Says:

    Okay, maybe it’s time for a special remedy… although it usually works best at first onset.

    make a cup of hot tea, add the normal honey and lemon

    here’s the secret ingredent, black pepper.

    Sprinkle a thin layer on the top of the tea, stir well.

    Make sure the tea has cooled to warm so you don’t burn your throat.

    Hold your nose and chug it!!

    Do this several times a day.

    I know it tastes horrible, but it works.

    It’s some India Indian herbal remedy.

    If you take this the first hint of scratchy cold throat, this cuts your symptons and speeds recovery or stops cold/sinus/scratchy throat before it gets a hold of you.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. nf0 Says:

    Don’t forget the bourbon its good for , ah stuff. If you still sound like geese this weekend, can I take you hunting 🙂 Hope you fell better.

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