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Hit Me Baby One More Time

You know that feeling of total and utter relief? The one that says “Damn, that could have been me if I left 30 seconds earlier”. Yeah. That happened to me today on my way home, when the car in front of me got totally smashed up. Those mini Coopers are cute, but I sure do lurve my gas-guzzling SUV. That little thing took a hell of a beating from a Honda Accord, while I, the safe driver that I am, and having left plenty of room in front of me, avoided the crash entirely. I will not, however, get back the next 45 minutes spent giving a statement to the cops. BTW, it was totally the mini Cooper’s fault, and nobody was hurt.

3 Responses to “Hit Me Baby One More Time”

  1. statia Says:

    Not that I feel like I’m immortal in an SUV, but this is why I have an SUV.

  2. camille Says:

    I’m glad you’re okay!

  3. Kevin Says:

    Heh-heh. You said “rear-ended”.

    Wait…no you didn’t. Oh. Carry on.

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