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So Very, Very Wrong

So I get in the car today to head home from work, and because I was too lazy to fish my ipod out of my purse, I decided to listen to the radio. I hit the “seek” button, and much to my horror, the tuner stopped on the one station that is playing……CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!!!!!! All day, everyday, through Christmas Day. It’s 83 frickin’ degrees outside. I really didn’t need Feliz Navidad for my drive home.

But I secretly listened to it anyway.

2 Responses to “So Very, Very Wrong”

  1. statia Says:

    DUDE..dude. Seriously, I was going to rant about that today. I heard Christmas music on my way home on Friday night and I swear to god I almost went into a seizure like fit. What.the.fuck? Seriously? I’d be willing to bet it’s a clear choice channel too. It pisses me off to no end.

  2. Michelle Says:

    EXACT same thing happened to me a week ago.

    I got my iPod mini in April. Ryan has tons of Christmas music. I haven’t added it to my iPod yet, not sure when I’ll feel “ready” to. It’s not like I would have to listen to it if I added it now…just seems weird to even think about it.

    Unlike you, my yard is covered in snow right now.

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