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I Can’t Find The Words

New Orleans is a city that I love. I’ve always loved it. Some of my happiest memories, and some of the memories I’d rather forget, are deeply rooted in the Crescent City. I can’t even begin to wrap my brain around the horrible tragedy that has struck the city. I can’t reconcile my vacation pictures with those running on an endless loop on CNN. I see the pictures of places that I’ve been, and I can’t recognize even the most recognizable landmarks. By now, you’ve seen the footage of the total devastation. You’ve heard the pleas for relief. Now is the time to reach out and help. Please visit any of these links and make a donation.

American Red Cross
Operation Blessing
America’s Second Harvest
Corporation for National and Community Service

You can also contact your local churches and, if you’re in Texas, your local hospitals to find out how you can help. Please, please, please, reach out and help. There are thousands of people throughout the South that need a hand, and if we don’t take care of our own, then who will?

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