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Archive: August 2005

Thieving Bastards

Kevin called me at work today and asked me if I had paid the DirectTV bill (I sometimes get a wild hair and pay some bills online so he won’t have to worry about it). I told him “no”, and then he dropped the bomb: There was a $300+ charge to our checking account. He called DirectTV, then he called the bank. A few days ago, our bank sent us a new check card along witha note that said that the card processing center had been compromised, and they were sending all customers replacement cards as a precaution. Naturally, we called and activated our new card, which cancelled the previous account. Turns out, we were a little too late. Some thieving bastard already had our old number, and in the 24 hours that it took us to activate the new card, he had a field day on our old one. Yeah, we’ll get the money back (it turns out that it was more than the $300 we originally thought), but imagine my shock when I actually looked at our bank balance when I got home. Shit shit shit shit shit.

This raises another question: Why did DirecTV allow someone to charge to our account without, at the very least, verifying a billing address? Sure, we’re existing customers, but every time I call DirectTV, or log in online, I have to answer a litany of questions designed to prevent just this very thing. So what happened in this case? Am I really that naive?

What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been

We’re back! The work portion of my trip was just that, but the real fun began the minute work ended. Kev and I are our way through San Francisco, and we made sure that we hit all the tourist highlights. I’ll have all (or at least most of) the details soon, and I know that Kevin will be posting pictures. We had an absolute ball, and I know that we’ll be going back for the food, if nothing else.

Perfect Love…..Gone Wrong

I used to love my IPod. I mean, I really loved it. Now, I want to chuck the damn thing into the trash. Don’t get me wrong: If I could actually extract the music from the godforsaken network of hell that my husband has created, then I might actually enjoy it, but as it stands, I (and my IPod) are held hostage. I can’t even begin to tell you how frustrating it is not to be able to use the freakin’ thing. It seems it was a totally worthless thing to own in the first place.




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