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Fo Shizzle

I’m having way too much fun with the Gizoogle Textilizer. Here’s an excerpt from my previous post, a la Snoop:

So I dizzy in fact, go shopp’n yesterday (again) fo my bling bling. Today, I went n gots mah nails done (thank God fo` fakes nails, I dizzay care W-H-to-tha-izzat anybody says) n mah brows waxed. Kevin, of course, playa noticed or particularly cared, which begs tha question . Fo’-fo’ desert eagle to your motherfuckin’ dome: Why do we, as bitchez, endure tha torture of hav’n hair ripped from tha oh-so-sensitive follicles right above our eyelids if no one (at least not tha person you care `bout mizzost) notices?

Damn, I love Snoop Dogg.

4 Responses to “Fo Shizzle”

  1. Corey Says:

    Two in the mornin’ and the party’s still jumpin ’cause my Mama ain’t home.

  2. Sloane Says:

    Fabulous, darling, absolutely fabulous.

  3. Brian Says:

    Here’s what it would have looked like if you were the Sweedish Chef from the Muppets: “Su I deed, een ffect, gu shuppeeng yistirdey (egeeen). Tudey, I veet und gut my neeels dune-a (tunk Gud ffur ffeke-a neeels, I dun’t cere-a vhet unybudy seys) und my broos vexid. Kifeen, uff cuoorsi, nieezeer nuteecid ur perteecoolerly cerid, vheech bigs zee qooisshun: Vhy du vi, es gurls, eedoore-a zee turtoore-a uff hefeeng heur reeppid ffrum zee uh-su-seeseeteefe-a ffulleeclis reeght ebufe-a uoor iyileeds eeff nu une-a (et liest nut zee pirsun yuoo cere-a ebuoot must) nuteecis?
    Bork, bork, bork!”

  4. Tina*:O Says:

    You said fuck! You droppin’ it like it’s hot, baby!


    Opps! Is fuck allowed?

    You might have to drop this comment like it’s hot!




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