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It’s That Time Again

Dear Foosball People,
I understand that it’s time to kick off yet another season, really, I do. I have just one teensy favor to ask: Please don’t make me a foosball widow again this year. It’s bad enough that I have to sacrifice Monday nights (which I’m perfectly willing to do). It’s just that my husband has a bit of a problem. More like an obsession, really. Mondays are fine….even Sundays. But I have to draw the line at Tivo’ing 16 games every Saturday. Football is, once again, about to consume every night of the week. So hear my pleas, mighty foosball guys: let my husband go.

3 Responses to “It’s That Time Again”

  1. Football Gods Says:

    It’s too late. He belongs to the football now.

  2. Stef Says:

    Is that a giant sucking sound we hear? My husband prays to the football Gods!

  3. C Says:

    Amen! They need to let go, or I fear we’ll only be seeing one neighbor for the Saturday night poker games.




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