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Archive: June 2004

For The Record

I told him not to call y’all. I knew it was too late, but he flat out refused to let me keep the little guy in the garage.

Wait For It

He’s coming out.

What Would You Say?

If you could share your wisdom, your beliefs, your philosophy with the entire world, would you? What about if you weren’t around to see it? Here’s your chance: At the end of 2006, Keo will launch a satellite with your messages. Then, just forget about it: for 50,000 years. Sure, you won’t last long enough to discover the impact of your words, but it’s kind of cool knowing that you had a little piece of history. Check it out here.

Home Again, Home Again

Good Morning! Or, if you’re me, good night! I just rolled in from work, and it looks like I may be up for a little bit. Kevin just got out of bed, and I have yet to get in bed. I hate this part. See, I’m really good at staying up all night, but I’m terrible about going to sleep afterwards. I have a feeling that when y’all are at work this morning, I might be hitting the sack. Have a great day, and, just to be safe, don’t call me. I’m turning the ringer off.

It’s Gonna Be a Long Night

I was supposed to take a nap today. Really, I meant to. You see, I have inventory tonight, and, as such, will not be returning to the comfort of my bed until sometime around 7:00 AM tomorrow morning. I had every intention of catching a few zzzzz this afternoon, but then Tivo ruined my plans. It seems that Tivo thought I might enjoy this movie, and of course, Tivo was right.
When I’m yawning around 3:00AM, at least I have something to blame.


It’s 4:37. I skipped breakfast. I ate lunch at 11:00AM. I had a 1/2 salad and a cup of soup.
Here’s my dilemma: it’s 4:37. It will be at least two more hours till I have dinner. Not enough time for a snack (it will ruin my appetite). My tummy is growling. I am hungry. What to do?


I bought the boy Twix. I made him lobster thermidor AND chocolate mousse. Has he re-designed my blog yet?
I think I’ll let him live, though, since he’s the only one who mows the lawn.


I woke up with the Monchichi theme song stuck in my head. I have a feeling it was planted there by aliens in the middle of the night. Please send help!
Monchichi Monchichi, oh so soft and cuddly!

My Husband, The Metrosexual

So here it is. You asked for it, so just skip ahead about two minutes (2:02 to be exact), and you, too can see my husband getting a nice, relaxing facial. Have fun with this one, y’all.


I just killed not one, but two of these. They were hiding in the bathtub in the guest bathroom, which never gets used, and only gets cleaned about once a month (really, why clean it if it’s never used?). Good thing I read this a while back, though. I was really on the lookout for the little buggers.

No justice.

He gets a facial and gets to sit around measuring his face. I built and moved furniture. I am sooooo not cooking tonight.

Sucked In Once More

I love rainy days (at least when I don’t have to go to work). Here it is, 2:10 in the afternoon, and I have yet to do anything more productive than watch Food TV. Yes, I’ve been sucked into the vortex that is Food Network once more. The good news is that I’ve found a great recipe for dessert tonight (shhhh….it’s a surprise for Kevvie Wevvie!…..aside: thanks Courtney for the nickname), and I’ve emailed my Jerky Chicken recipe to my wonderful sister-in-law. The bad news is that I’m hungry, and I’m not sure I can hold off until 6:00 for dinner (herb-crusted chicken tenders served over a bed of pasta with a freshly homemade marinara). Oh, well. I’ll survive.
I finally broke down and bought a grill pan yesterday, and I’ve gotta say, it’s awesome! I have a feeling I’ll be getting a whole lot of use out of it, so if anyone has recipes, let me know.

What? No Beach?!?!?!?

What a rude awakening this morning. I woke up and there was no ocean here! Oh, well. I guess it’s back to the grind. We had a wonderful time, and the past week was everything a vacation should be. We relaxed (read: we napped for at least two hours every day), we spent time together, we swam, we snorkled (here’s where I’m supposed to tell you that Kevin’s got a huge conch), we watched killer sunsets, we drank, we played cards, we got tans (well, Kevin got a sunburn, but at least he put on sunscreen this time. However, Elephant Lube took care of the sting), we drank, we slept, we swam, we drank….You get the idea.
As usual, Nipper’s was there for us in every way, from their yummy rum drinks, their tasty conch fritters, and their beautiful pool. We discovered a soda: Bravo. This is the most belch-inducing soda I’ve ever had, so naturally, when I belch, I now belch the word Bravo. Kevin had a few hilarious moments on the golf cart, which I’m sure the neighbors (and the boats docked in the Marina) appreciated.
We had the satellite hooked up on the third day, but except for a little afternoon TV time, we didn’t watch it at all. The evenings were spent out on the porch playing cards. Kevin is now most adept at Asshole, by the way, while Courtney and I fought it out for last place. Kailey was a little angel the whole time! She had a blast in the pool, and it seems that island life stimulated her appetite, since she almost out-ate everybody (well, except Brian).
This time next year, I’m sure we’ll be telling the same tales. Hopefully, Red, Rooster, and G-Man will come along for a little island adventure! In the meantime, be sure to check out the pictures.

We’re Baaaaaccckkkk!!!

More later, since we’ve been up since 3:30 this morning, but we’re back safely. We had a fantastic time, and pictures and details will follow later this afternoon (sometime after lunch, grocery store, and laundry). Hope everyone had a great week!




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