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I’m way overdue on sending out some love to my husband. On Sunday, he erected (heh heh…I said “erect”) a beautiful arbor over our patio. He suffered mightily, both physically and emotionally, since I suspect that Josh was rather amused by Kevin’s approach to construction. At any rate, with a little help from Rooster, we have a lovely spot on our back porch, which we will landscape when we get back from the islands.
You did great, baby. I’m so lucky to have you!

2 Responses to “Overdue”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Don’t fear the reaper Rooster. I will say this about the patio…it needs more cowbell.

  2. nf0 Says:

    You know I was thinking more cowbell too 😉 and your were right about CW.

    I hope it wasn’t too emotional for him, its amazing how much crap you give Kevin and he never says a word… Now that he is broke in I’ll go easy on him on his next project.




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