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There Are No Words

I just want to take a minute and say a HUGE Thank You to Camille and Josh. You guys are awfully nice.
You see, they sent us “fence mail” tonight (we sometimes exchange items over the back fence, in lieu of making the trip around the block). Tonight, however, Camille handed us dinner over the 6-foot fence. I’ve been working crazy-long days, and I haven’t been home to fix dinner for Kevin. By the time I do make it home, I’m too tired to do anything more than take a shower to wash off the grime and collapse on the couch.
Last night, the Coopers knocked on our door to see if we would like to join them for dinner, but I had somehow managed to rustle up some chili dogs.
Tonight was a different story. I walked in the door at 7:35, after yet another 12 hour day. I was fully planning on going to bed hungry, because I lacked the energy to fix myself dinner. Just then, a fantastic Baked Ziti floated over my fence and into my husband’s hands.
What I’m trying to say is this: Thanks, guys. You humble me with your generosity. I hereby volunteer for any and all babysitting duty, and you should also know that I’m totally cooking for y’all for the whole first month you’re home with Mini.

2 Responses to “There Are No Words”

  1. camille Says:

    Thank you for the kind words, but its what friends do! And you better watch what you say…I’m likely to take you up on it! 🙂

  2. nf0 Says:

    Its not problem at all. But I do need your help now. There is something missing from that recipe, its good, but I think it could be better. Got any good Baked Ziti recipes, or any thoughts on what could improve this one? One thing for sure, i should have trimmed the meat and made shredded it more.




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