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I Am A Masochist

And, no, not in the dirty way. You see, I totally asked for what I got. I signed up to be a part of a hit team that goes in and sets up new stores (it’s not a big secret that I work in retail, but ever since I left the bookstore, I tend to keep my actual place of employment private). Today was the first day of the set, and I always seem to forget how tiring it is. Today, I actually received the award for the person who got the dirtiest. By the time I got home, I was covered from head to toe in grit, grime, sweat, and good old fashioned dirt. Damn, it was fun.
The bad news is that tomorrow morning, upon awakening, I will feel every box of those 75 pallets. Every cut and scrape will sing with pain. And then I’ll get up and do it all again. Every day for the next three weeks.
The sad thing is, I really, really, really love this part of my job. What’s wrong with me?

2 Responses to “I Am A Masochist”

  1. Kevin Says:

    When you get done with that, I think there’s some work left on the fence you can go and “enjoy” ’till your heart’s content!

  2. denise Says:

    I believe that it’s a case of being content. Every one of those aches will remind you that you did a damn good job and that it was worth it! 🙂




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