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Damn You, Food Network!

In exchange for not bitching about the new mower, Kevin has decided (wisely) not to bitch about the $200+ grocery bill I racked up today. It’s not my fault, really. If anyone is to blame, I think it’s Rachael Ray. Or Iron Chef. Actually, let’s just heap all the blame on FoodTV.
You see, I’m at that point (again) where I can’t think of anything to cook. Bear in mind that I have a whole bookcase dedicated just to cookbooks. However, every once in a while, I get stuck. That’s when I turn to the Food Network for inspiration. Usually, I can watch one or two shows, get ideas, and that’s that. Yesterday, however, the stars and planets aligned in a recipe for a grocery-store-spending-spree disaster (I bought 4 different kinds of mushrooms). I was home all day, and all day I was glued to the Food Network. Then I was unexpectedly given today off, as well, so, naturally, it was off to the store while Kevin mowed (there’s a rumor that there are pictures of this). An hour later, it was all over. I was afraid he might kill me, but all he said was “Well, you don’t make a habit of this, so this once is okay”.
It looks like Kevin will be eating extremely well this week, and because he’s so understanding, he’ll probably even get out of dish duty.

2 Responses to “Damn You, Food Network!”

  1. camille Says:

    oh my gosh, we spend that almost every time we go grocery shopping! but, Josh does cook up some pretty good food with it too.

  2. Kevin Says:

    $200 is about $50-$75 more than we normally spend a week. Actually, $100 is more in the normal range. So, a $200 bill was a little bit of a shock, especially when your a family of two and only eating a few meals together.

    But -then again- it’s not everyday that you get to eat this well. 🙂




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