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Archive: January 2004

Funny Ha Ha

I needed a laugh today, so I loaded up this CD. After (finally) converting Kevin into a bona fide David Sedaris fan, I got the levity I so desperately craved. There are still tears streaming down my face from a reading of “Jesus Shaves”. Two morsels of lumber, indeed.

My Heart Hurts

And for once, it’s not due to my heart condition. In fact, there is no medication I can take to alleviate this. The people that live behind us (no, not the future residence of J&C), fight. A lot. I’ve alluded to this before, but I’ve never actually talked about it to anyone other than Kevin, my mom, and the Flower Mound Police Department.
I don’t want to scare Josh and Camille off, but then again, domestic violence happens where you least expect it. In our case, it’s happening right next door. Our neighbor, to whom we not-so-fondly refer as Amarillo Slim, has a bit of a temper. About once every two months or so, he loses it. Bear in mind that we have a fairly large lot, so there’s quite a bit of space between houses. That does not, however, prevent us from hearing the goings-on in the house next door. Granted, I can’t hear it from inside the house, but when I’m outside, it’s as if they’re right in front of me. When I can hear glass breaking, people yelling, and worst of all, children crying, there’s a problem. I don’t know for sure if he actually hits, but the abuse is there, just the same. Kevin laughs at me for being so affected, but I can’t help but feel my heart break for the poor kids. The adults should be the ones protecting them, and yet, instead, they show them a world where raised voices and threats prevail. I think of the rare fights that Kevin and I have. We raise our voices, we trade barbs, but invariably, within ten minutes, we kiss and make up. The neighbors have now been going at it for 3 hours. Every time it happens, I go and hug my husband. Then I call the police. I will not be a silent witness in their drama.


As promised, we went to see LOTR today, and Kevin loved it. It was definitely the best of the three, and I’m really glad I got to see it on the big screen, but wow. Three and a half hours of sitting is a little too much for me. Still, it was a rewarding experience. I feel like I have done nothing productive whatsoever today. Oh, wait. I haven’t. I spent the whole day at the movies.
Oh, well. Sex and the City is on tonight, and then it’s off to bed. I have to work early in the morning. One more thing: Good luck to the Coopers. Packing is a chore, and not even the Famous Donahue Color Coding System makes it go any faster. If you guys need help, just yell, and we’ll be over in a jiffy. Only 5 more days until San Antonio!

All You Need Is Love

Actually. We had a classic Donahue Date Night tonight, and it was great. First was dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Then, a quick jaunt to Pottery Barn, all wrapped up with a trip to the movies. We’re going to see the Hobbitses tomorrow, but I just couldn’t sit through 3 1/2 hours of battle scenes tonight. So we opted for Love Actually instead. It was fantastic. We were talking last night with the Coopers about movies you have to own, and this is one of them. I swear, Working Title does not put out bad movies. Ever.
Bear in mind, this fabulous evening was a follow-up to last night’s fun. Very shortly now, Camille and Josh will be our neighbors, which is so very cool. After their stellar house inspection, we all headed to Pazzo for pizza and more stories which, sadly, will never be revealed to the blogiverse under penalty of death. All in all, this was the perfect ending to a great week.

Clean Sweep: Day Three

I started on the clothes today. My office is now at 100%, so after I get most of the clothes knocked out, I think I might treat myself to a trip to Pottery Barn to celebrate. The clothes are definitely the easy part for me, since I am so not fashion-oriented. Don’t worry, Kevin: All of your precious UK, FSU, and Bucs t-shirts are safe, as is your vast collection of Jimmy Buffet concert t-shirts.

Clean Sweep: Day2

Okay. The memorabilia was tough. The books were WAY tougher. I now have seven boxes of books ready to be whisked away to Half Price and the Library. This was definitely the hardest part so far. I kept only what I regularly use for reference, and my extensive collection of novels by one particular author. Oh, and books that are autographed to me specifically and those with sentimental value. I know I know. It sounds like a lot, but it really is only one and half bookcases worth, which is a whole lot better than it was. The sad part is that I haven’t even begun to go through the boxes in Kevin’s office, the garage, or the bedroom.
The big lesson that I’ve learned so far is that they make it look easy on TV. It’s so totally not. Sure, if I had a TV crew and a professional organizer, I’d be done by now. However, my office is 98% there, so I don’t feel too bad.

Clean Sweep: Day 1

Wow. I knew I had a lot of crap, but I had no idea there was this much. I got off to a late start today, since Kevin stayed home from work. I am about halfway through with my office. This was the worst room in the house, because it’s home to all of my “memorabilia”, which is now sorted and stored. I have thrown away an unbelievable amount of stuff, and I’m starting to have a nice little pile for the Great Yard Sale of 2004. The desk is done, and the closet is mostly finished. I now face the daunting challenge of getting rid of most of my books. The first of many trips to Half Price is in my future for tomorrow.
Alas, no pictures yet, but I think I’ll post some of the finished product. Believe me, you don’t want to see the work in progress. It ain’t pretty.

I Got Three Days

Woo-hoo! I’m off for three glorious days! Tomorrow marks the beginning of my own personal Clean Sweep. I have promised myself that I can do exactly what the organizers on the show do, but without the whole camera crew and professional designers.
In the words of Tommy Boy, I have a….plan. I’ll keep you all updated as I feel fairly confident that I’ll need a break every once in a while….

Links Aplenty

Here’s some stuff to keep you busy if your husband is watching every bowl game today:
No wonder I feel so in sync lately.
No more Pantera. So sad. Suck it, Fred Durst.
This is fun.
I could play with this for hours. In fact, I think I have.
And finally, I’m trying to pick just one entry for this. Please feel free to go through my archives and email me suggestions….

Ringing In The New Year

And a good time was had by all. My apologies to the folks that Kevin called at 1:00 AM, but you know how he is. We had a blast, and we have pictures to prove it, but I’m now sure how many are fit for public consumption. And no, I’ll never tell what my middle name used to be before I had it legally changed. Sorry, Mom.




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