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Bookmark Bingo

Check your bookmarks and see if you are the lucky winner. Do you have:

for this page? Update ’em! 🙂

7 Responses to “Bookmark Bingo”

  1. camille Says:

    I do! I do! What do I win?

  2. denise Says:

    Woot! Addy is updated… 🙂 (Man, I suck at bookmark bingo, lol…)

  3. Aurora Says:

    I will, I will, … now can I please have the Monet skin, it’s not working… or the Mary E. one? Pretty Please, Kevin 🙂

  4. Kevin Says:

    See, Merrin?! The Monet skin is my favorite too! Of course, I made it so I have a bias, but Aurora loves it best!

    Just for you Aurora, I’ll reset the skins after I get home from the stupid bridal show. Should be working later (late) tonight.

  5. Kevin Says:

    Just for your, Aurora:

    Skin the Site

  6. Angela Says:

    Mission accomplished – I’ve now got a working link.

  7. Aurora Says:

    Oh Thank you Kevin… I just think of Merrin being more Monet like… :snickers:

    Looking good!!!!




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