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An Interview with my Husband

Merrin: First and foremost, what do you have to say for yourself.

Kevin: Well, if you’re asking if I kinda broke your blog…a little…then I would say…yeah. I mean, I didn’t mean to. It’s just that – way, way, way back when we set it up, I never expected that we would be on two separate servers.

M: So, ya broke it?

K: Yeah. But I’m really, really sorry and I’m trying to get it working ASAP.

M: What works?

K: Well, my site is kinda working now. On yours, the pages load…for the most part. You can post…kinda. And the comments work…but they give an error so it looks like they don’t work. Other than that…

M: Other than that?! Other than that?! WTF?! What else is there “other than that”?!

K: Well…did I mention that I love you? And that I’m fixing it? And that you really, really look pretty?

M: What’s it gonna take?

K: I’ll start moving the templates and reassign the DNS. The templates and stuff should take a couple hours to set up, because I have to mimic the directory structure over at the new joint. The DNS is going to take a few days to fully resolve. So, it’s probably going to be touch-and-go until sometime this weekend.

M: Talk to the hand.

K: Hmm…you got any almond oil?

{{ The End}}

Kevin is moving my blog. It’s going to take a couple days. (You better add on a couple days to whatever he’s telling me, so several days.) In the meantime, things are going to be all kinds of screwed up around here. Sorry. 🙂

4 Responses to “An Interview with my Husband”

  1. pt*:) Says:

    Almond oil. Almond oil. (hummmmmm…)

    I hate to think…..

  2. Kevin Says:

    PT, if it’s broken, surely a little oil will fix it. Right?

  3. camille Says:

    I hear almond oil is good for a lot of things.

  4. denise Says:

    I was wondering what was going on! Glad to see it’s working again Merrin! 🙂




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