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No Time

I have to go to bed, since I just got home from work, and I have to turn right around and do this all again at 6:00 AM, but some things need to be covered tonight:
First: Camille and Josh are hilarious. We had a blast, and I promise to post my version of the ass-kicking recap tomorrow. Thanks guys!
Second: It should be noted that I have finally started my Christmas shopping. I have now bought presents for half of the people on my list. Boo-yah!
Third, and most important: A HUGE THANK YOU to Tina!!!!! You rock my world, and rest assured that Hello Kitty will be gracing the window of my car tomorrow. Finding your lovely note and goodies in my mailbox was so very much the best part of my day!
More tomorrow, but for now, thanks to the Coopers and to Tina for really cranking up my Christmas spirit!

3 Responses to “No Time”

  1. pt*:D Says:

    Oop! What a surprise to see me name! Hahahaha!

    Anything for you, Toots!*:)

    Just sorry it took so long, but look at it this way: The guilt made me think of you OFTEN, which only served to make me feel even guiltier! Quite funny, actually! heh!*:D

  2. Camille Says:

    We enjoyed it too, Grace!

  3. Aurora Says:

    Hi Merrin, just catching up on blog reading, the eastern skin is cool… is that new? But I had to go back to my fav, the monet skin!!

    Well, back to unpacking snowmen…




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