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Today’s Fun Find

Here’s something fun and happy, amidst a day filled with not-so-fun-and-happy things. Frogs are cool.

5 Responses to “Today’s Fun Find”

  1. Kevin Says:

    I had a lot of wine with dinner and I’m going to go sleepy now.

  2. Camille Says:

    I LOVE frogs, but that one is kinda creepy. Its body looks like a tomato frog (except its purple), but its head looks like a mouse. That is just weird!

  3. kim Says:

    It’s purple!! 😀

  4. Jennifer Says:

    “It’s bright purple, bloated and scientists say it’s been around since the dinosaurs.”

    Damn. That is one OLD froggie. 😉

  5. Texas T-Bone Says:

    It looks like a little eggplant with legs.

    The article quotes someone as calling it a “living fossil.” And I thought that distinction belonged solely to my grandparents!




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