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Archive: September 2003

And It Was Even Better!

Big, Huge, Gargantuan Congratulations to Camille and Josh!!!!!! They are expecting their own Mini Cooper!!! Hooray!!!
And this is especially for Josh (as it is a tradition in my family to say the following):
Nice shootin’, Tex!

And It Was Good

Great day. Lots of time with the husband. Topped off by having dinner with the bigwigs for my new job. Well, not dinner, really. Yeah, we had food, but it was all a big front for a wine tasting. Make that a wine drinking. Did I happen to mention that I love my new job?

Oh yeah, one more thing. I need to send up a pre-emptive apology to The Redhead on my husband’s behalf. Just keep in mind that I was not at home tonight to police his activities.


Robert Palmer died. What child of the 80’s doesn’t clearly remember the video for “Addicted To Love” as a defining moment of childhood?

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

I totally meant to post this last night, but I didn’t have time. So, I thought I’d take a moment now to point out that Zagat is releasing a new survey: The top 1000 albums of all time. This has sparked not a little debate in our house, as Kevin contends that Achtung Baby is a better album than The Joshua Tree (which ranked higher in the Top 10). Of course, my pick is The Joshua Tree, for several reasons, not the least of which being that it was the first concert I ever attended, and B.B. King played with them. Besides, Larry Mullins had a much cuter ass when he was younger.
All of that aside, I would like to offer this commentary to the folks (over 10,000) who participated in the Zagat survey: Only one Pink Floyd album? AND NO ZEPPELIN?!?!?!? No Eagles?!?!?!? And—horror—no Don Henley??? Okay, that last one may be a little far-fetched. Four Beatles albums? I have to hand it to them, though. Born To Run was far and away the number one, and I think that’s a pretty good call.
So, if it were up to you, what would your number one album of all time be?

I’ve Got Free Time…

In honor of this one and this one, I would like to officially proclaim that I now have 24 solid hours of free time. Ooohhhhh yeahhhhhh.

Where Am I?

Who am I? The only thing I know for sure is that Grand Opening is in 6 days, and I still have a ton of work to do. Kevin has been very supportive of my long days, but I’m pretty sure that’s just because I’ve been home in the evenings. That’s all about to change……

Woo Hoo!

Tomorrow is shaping up nicely. Instead of cleaning the house, as originally planned, I will be heading to Fort Worth for a day of museums and tasty food. Hooray for new friends and old homes!
And I still want to go to the Simon and Garfunkel show.

The Best Of Today

The best search to my blog today was

“Love makes my stomach hurt.”

Not entirely true, but funny nonetheless.

This Is As Close

As Flower Mound comes to crime. Granted, it all happened in Lewisville, but that’s still only, like, 10 miles away.The delays from this almost made me late for work, since people couldn’t stop rubber-necking. Keep in mind that it was already 7:00 AM, and the whole thing went down at 5:00. Throw a news crew on a street corner, and look at what happens to rush hour. If I sound unsympathetic, I am. Dude, you just don’t run from the cops. And you certainly don’t shoot at them. Thanks, guy, for holding me up this morning. ‘Preciate it.

One Day

I’ll start a sideblog all about Singapore. It seems that every few weeks, Singapore pops up in the news with some new and bizarre story. Until I finally categorize all my Singapore stories, however, I offer you this.

Tokyo Here I Come

I may be forced to fly to Tokyo, if only to hunt for the ever-elusive Hello Kitty Window Cling. Damn CNN for showing me this.

No Time

I’ve run out of time to post anything of significance today, as I have now spent the last 30 minutes commenting on other people’s blogs. If I missed yours, I’m truly sorry! It’s just that I have to go to bed now, since I’m finally getting readjusted to waking up at 5:00 AM. Happy Wednesday everybody!

Suspiciously Good

Another fabulous day at work today. I can’t even begin to describe how cool it is! After a great weekend, including the part where Kevin moved all the new furniture into the house, it’s great to kick off the week on a good foot! I even get a day off this week!
And I still want to go to the Simon & Garfunkel show.

More On The Theme

Here’s what Dave Matthews had to say on the subject:

“I remember when I was a kid hearing Simon & Garfunkel play here {Central Park} and that freaked me to the core. That was certainly one of the events that inspired me to make music.”


In 1981, Simon & Garfunkel reunited for a show that drew 400,000 people to the Great Lawn.

You really can’t argue with a crowd of—-FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND—-people. I’m fairly sure I may the biggest Paul Simon fan, and the opportunity to see the reunion of Simon and Garfunkel is giving me the vapors.


If I don’t get front row seats to the Simon & Garfunkel show, I think I’ll die. I’ve never missed a Paul Simon show (the Graceland tour was brilliant, and the show with Bob Dylan was a masterpiece), and I most certainly will not miss this one. Now you know what to get me for Christmas.




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