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Archive: August 2003

Ooops! Forgot.

I need to send a huge shout out to Gianna at Random House. You rock my world, G!


I’m tired. It’s a hella long story, but suffice it to say that I’ll probably be scarce around these parts for a couple of days. In the meantime, I’ve gotta go find the Aleve.


I hung out last night with Megan and Sean, and I’m still tired. Kevin, having manscaped…uh, I mean landscaped….all day, was too worn out to attend the festivities. I, on the other hand, went and had a fabulous time playing with other grown-ups. Except we haven’t exactly grown up.

Break Out The Bubbly

I’m number one on Google for “Manscaping”. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Heard Around The House

Kevin: Get a towel and wipe this up.
Me: I’ll do it in a minute.
Kevin: You’ll do it now.
Me: No. I’ll do it in a minute.
Kevin: Woman, don’t goad me into whuppin’ your ass.

Isn’t marriage a beautiful thing? 😉

Today, I’m Grateful

That I have power.

Oh, Yeah

I’ve just spent the last two hours talking to a friend, playing with my dogs, and drinking really bad wine (and I’m talking wine so bad it would reach stellar proportions….Am I typing right now?). Does it get any better than this?

The Word Of The Day

Is Manscaping.
Manscaping, i.e. “Mow The Lawn–
If your body hair is freakishly long, try trimming it with an electric hair trimmer. Manscaping done well can make a midsection look thinner and just about anything else look bigger.”
Once again, thank you Fab 5.

I Do Believe

That Grover is the most underappreciated Muppet.


It’s 4:15 in the afternoon. This is the first time all day that the internet has been available, thanks to the folks at Comcast. You don’t realize just how much you do from the web until it’s not available. For instance: I send my resume and hunt for jobs online. No can do today. I’m just really, really glad it’s back.

Only If You’re Car Is In The Garage

Hail is fun. We’re having a whopper of a thunderstorm right now, and it is cool! Since the dogs are inside and the car is in the garage, we can sit back and watch the show. Plus, it’s now a comfortable 75 degrees. Our house is smack in the middle of the dark purple cell. Take a look:
Let It Rain!!!
Update: I’ve now posted the animated radar so we can keep an eye on the next storm headed our way!

The Signs of the Good Times

I finally made it off the couch, into the shower, and down the street to procure dinner for Kevin and I. Kevin, meanwhile, has not managed to tear himself away from his monitor all day. In fact, he has yet to get dressed. This is a sure sign that a good time was, indeed, had by all last night.
Bowling, beer, and bonding. Sure, everybody mocked me for having my own (illicitly begotten) bowling shoes….until they were forced to wear the newly-sprayed-with-anti-fungal-stuff, ever-so-hip footwear provided by Main Event. No matter. I would also like to take this opportunity to state once and for all that I suck at bowling. In the first frame, I was not, however, the worst. The second game was another matter…..
Seriously, a huge thanks to Camille and Josh. Y’all are awesome! We can’t wait to do it again. Only next time, I think we’ll try for something a little more low-key, so poor Kevin won’t have to spend the whole next day recooperating. 😉

If You Need Me

I’ll be on the couch. It seems Bravo is having a West Wing marathon today. I had originally planned on going to the grocery store and writing a witty post about last night’s festivities, but that will all have to wait until I’ve had my fill of the goodness that is Aaron Sorkin.


We had a fabulous time tonight with Camille and Josh. What a great ending to an otherwise not so great day (even if we did have to stop for tacos and dog food on the way home, ((cough))Kevin((/cough)). Thanks, guys, for cheering me up!

And It All Came Crashing Down

Just got off the phone with Allen. My old sorority house burned down last night. Allen lost one of his fraternity brothers in the blaze. I’m sending out prayers to everyone……




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