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The Word Of The Day

Is Manscaping.
Manscaping, i.e. “Mow The Lawn–
If your body hair is freakishly long, try trimming it with an electric hair trimmer. Manscaping done well can make a midsection look thinner and just about anything else look bigger.”
Once again, thank you Fab 5.

6 Responses to “The Word Of The Day”

  1. kim Says:

    Oh goodie. I haven’t seen last night’s Queer Eye yet. I can’t wait!

  2. Mona Says:

    LOL. Raven runs from me when I’m with tweezers at hand to pluck his eye brows. *muhahaha*

  3. Kevin Says:

    Have we had this conversation before? I think it was something like this:

    U – “Did you shave or something?”
    Me – “Umm. No.”
    U – “Oh.”
    Me – “Why? And why would I?”
    U – “You just look bigger.”
    Me – “No, I’ve always been big. It’s just that the lights are on.”
    U – “Oh. Well you’re really big.”
    Me – “I thought that was why you married me.”
    U – “Oh yeah.”

    Deja vu.

  4. Merrin Says:

    So are you saying that you’ve “manscaped” before?

  5. Camille Says:

    OMG. “Manscaping” huh? That’s pretty funny. Especially after asking a guy at dinner tonight if he shaves his arms (they were prickly), and finding out he does and then some. More than I needed to know from him.

  6. Shelby Says:

    Manscaping in the ONLY way to go! Once you convince your man to take care of business they usually like it and keep the lawn trimmed all the time.

    It amazes me that men do not even think about it..but then again they are men…it is all about how perfect they are…:)




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