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I Can Taste The Bubbles

But I can’t blog about it until someone says it’s ok. Damn.
Don’t go getting excited—-it’s something trivial.

5 Responses to “I Can Taste The Bubbles”

  1. kim Says:

    You’re such a tease. 😉

  2. Kevin Says:

    You are a tease! Rawwwwrrrr! Yeah, baby! 😉

  3. Aurora Says:

    Hey… not even a little hint?

    And just WHAT can be trivial, but requires bubbles?

    It might be trivial to you, but I want to know, please!!!

    And who is this someone? who has to give his/her? permission…. ack “chewing the corner of my lip” waiting…

  4. Camille Says:

    Taste bubbles…champagne? And why hasn’t he given you permission yet? I’m waiting……

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