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Archive: August 2003

Once Again

A happy and successful weekend. Josh and Camille kicked it off Friday night, and then on Saturday, the masses descended upon Chez Donahue for 24 solid hours of fun and frolic. We even managed to make it to bed around 4:00 AM. We ate too much fantastic food, we watched Old School, South Park, and Queer Eye, we talked until the wee hours, then we got up and started it all again. Today we spent a lazy day watching TV and listening to music, finally ordering a pizza around 3:00. Kevin even managed some time to play with his new DVD burner. I’m really glad we still have tomorrow to recover!

Some Mornings

The coffee just can’t brew fast enough.

It’s True

Camille and Kevin are indeed soulmates, as are Josh and I. I’m pretty sure that Camille and Kevin really don’t want Josh and I to pick the venue next time, or we may never make it out alive. God help us all. Damn, I’m drunk.

Happy Days

I swear, it’s either feast or famine around here these days. In any case, it’s a happy day for all. After an early morning meeting, I returned home with every intention of cleaning the house (which I did, mostly), and I then proceeded to chill on the sofa for the better part of the afternoon. I popped in Shakespeare in Love, snoozed a bit, and am now energized for tonight’s festivities. Assuming that the husband and the redhead got things organized (as I have been informed that I am a poor planner and wont to bar-hopping), we will be heading out to the ballgame. It even looks like the weather is going to hold. Happy days, indeed!

I Spy

Art imitating life.

I Have A Secret

Poor Kevin. I’m about to divulge yet another little fact about him, and he doesn’t even know it’s coming.
I was trolling through my rather extensive musical library when I suddenly realized that there are certain things I’m not allowed to listen to when he’s around. Here are a few:
The Beatles. Kevin doesn’t get “what all the hype was about.”
Pink Floyd. Every time I play Pink Floyd, he asks me if I’m high.
Dire Straits. Even though Mark Knopfler is one of the greatest guitarists since Clapton. Kevin still thinks that the Indigo Girls version of Romeo and Juliet is better than the Dire Straits version on Alchemy.
The Cure. He says it’s depressing noise. Isn’t that the point?
Dave Matthews. He has no appreciation for musical genius.
Van Morrison. Who doesn’t love Van Morrison? My husband.
Aerosmith. And I’m not talking about “I Don’t Wanna Close My Eyes” Aerosmith. I’m talking about “Sweet Emotion” Aerosmith. “Dream On” Aerosmith. Even “Love In An Elevator” Aerosmith.

In all fairness, the husband can tolerate Zeppelin in small doses, and he likes U2, the Police, the Steve Miller Band, and everything Billy Joel has ever done. He likes The Allman Brothers, even though I’m pretty sure he can’t name a song they’ve done. He can even take Springsteen if he’s in the right mood. I’ve also caught him listening to The Propellerheads and Nine Inch Nails when he thinks no one is looking. I will never understand, however, his aversion to classic rock and true alternative music (Jane’s Addiction. Is there a better song than “Been Caught Stealing”?).
There you have it. Even though we’re the same on so many levels, it’s nice to know we can still celebrate our differences. Even if he does think that NSuck were the Beatles of the 90’s (I swear to everything holy that this is a direct quote). You may now go flame him.

Heard Around My House

Do you ever have those moments when you could absolutely swear that the person you’re talking to said something completely different from what they really said? We had one of those tonight, and just so you don’t think we’re totally crazy (which we are), I’ll provide a little background.
My stomach has been hurting for the past few days. It gets better, then it gets worse. Tonight was worse, and I said as much to Kevin. What follows is the transcript of our conversation:
Me: “My stomach hurts.”
Him:: “Maybe your mom was farting on Osama.”
Me: “Well, that’s one way to win the war on terror.”
This is, of course, not at all what he said. The actual phrase was “Maybe your mom was arguing with someone.” Hmmmm. Further explanation may be necessary. You see, every time my mother hears Kevin and I arguing, which is quite often (harmless arguing, not actual fighting), it makes her stomach hurt. She just can’t take us bickering with one another, even when we’re just playing around. So, naturally, when I said that my stomach hurt, he said the thing about my mom. Only I heard it completely differently.
As for a new arsenal for the war on terror, however, I think we may be on to something.

Yes, Indeed

Things do keep getting better. Check out this link, courtesy of Kim!
At last! Sweet validation for all you straight guys!

For The Record

I’m not an idiot. And poor Kevin just found out the hard way. 😉

A Little Low

I’m feeling a little off today. I think it has a lot to do with the whole not having a job thing.

It’s Only Monday

But we’re already gearing up for a busy, fun-filled weekend. There’s a rumor that we’ll be heading to the Frisco RoughRiders game on Friday, which should be a blast. I hate baseball, but I love going to games. Saturday is the last true Girls’ Night for a while, since Allen will be leaving us shortly for London and graduate school. Needless to say, we plan to do it up big. The rest of the week will be spent preparing for the hella shindig. And yes, I think Kevin will be running away for the evening. Between now and then, however, I will also be spending a considerable amount of time trying to secure gainful employment, so I’ll really need Saturday night to cheer myself up.

Ticket To Ride

Well, here’s one way to stem the problem of illegal immigration. I guess the moral of the story is “Do your homework”.

It’s A Dog! It’s A Cat!

It’s Super Chloe! Every morning, I wake up to the two big dogs on either side of me, kind of like a human/canine burrito. They do this for two reasons: One, it makes just uncomfortable enough to get up, and two, they like to get their wake-up snuggles in. This morning, however, I finally realized what’s so unusual about this.
First of all, my dog mimics every thing I do. If I roll over, so does she. If I stretch, she does too. It’s very bizarre.
What’s even stranger is the big dog. When it’s her turn for the cuddles, she starts to, um, how do I put this….Well, she purrs. At first, I thought she was growling, but upon closer inspection, it really is a purr. And yes, this is the same dog that belches.
Quite the menagerie we have.

Too True

Via Shelby via TheWorkingMom:

The Rune Caster
Your Name: Merrin
Your Date of Birth: 05/29/19??
Your Question or Information:


Neid – Need, desire, fulfilling those needs, love and sex magick, motivation created by distress.


Kenaz – The hearth fire, artistic pursuits, healing, love and passion, creativity, strength.


Jera – Harvesting tangible results from efforts already sown, fertility, culmination of events, abundance.

Cast the runes here:
Rune Caster

Spectacular Vernacular

One of my favorite events of the year is when the Oxford English Dictionary people announce the words to be added to the newest revision. Yes, that makes me a big ol’ dork, but you gotta look forward to something! This year, some of the offerings include:
“Bada Bing!”
and, of course,
“Reality TV”

Thanks, Oxford, for validating my pop culture life.




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