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Archive: July 2003

Where’s The Tylenol?

Wow. Last night was way too much fun. Mom crapped out about 2:00 AM, but the rest of us were going strong until about 4:00. I was up until around 5:00, then up and at ’em at 10:30. Kevin, who was supposed to go into work today, took us to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory instead, and then over to the Grand Opening of the new Sam Moon in Frisco. A necklace, two bags, and some earrings later, and we are now back at home. Kevin is mowing the grass, and I am nursing the last remnants of my hangover. Life is good.
I swore that I would try the Chicken Madeira the next time we went to the Factory, but alas, I was once again drawn into the seduction that is the Crusted Chicken Romano. Sorry, PTina! I swear I’ll have the Madeira next time!!! 🙂

Um, Okay

So I was just perusing my IP tracker, and look what I found. This is kinda cool. Thanks for the shout-out, Tim Rogers and D Magazine! Now back to the beer….

Girls’ Night

Is legendary at my house. My mom and my friend will descend upon my house this afternoon around 3:00, and from there on out it’s a contest to see not only who can drink the most and last the longest, but also who can tell the most outrageous stories. Poor Kevin. He’s such a good sport for putting up with all this, but he knows that in the end, I’ll be a much happier girl. Hooray for the girls!

Time, Time, Time. See What’s Become Of Me

Due to my (over)abundance of free time, I have had the unique opportunity of watching the Midday News each afternoon on Channel 8, our friendly local ABC affiliate. I have to give major props to Alexa Conomos and Debbie Denmon. These two ladies do an outstanding job anchoring the news, and they have a ball doing it. I am consistently entertained and informed. Thanks, ladies!
Oh dear Lord. I must find employment soon, otherwise this will continue to be my life…..


This is not the first time that I’ve posted about the idiosyncracies in Singapore. Hell, it’s not even the second time. What astounds me, however, is that stories like this keep popping up. Now don’t get me wrong: I’m all about celebrating our global diversity. It’s just really fascinating (in a good way) to me that one culture can reject something that another culture (and 4 out of 5 dentists) deems as completely harmless. Go figure.
This, on the other hand, is just dumb.

News You Can Use

Well, it looks like Kevin is reaching his peak.
This is just sick. For more stuff like it, Fast Food Nation. Also related, here’s another reason not to eat at McDonalds.
This is never okay. Not ever. Maybe they should read Fast Food Nation. It’s the best diet in the world.

This one will make you feel good.
Is this a good thing or a disaster waiting to happen? Decide for yourself. (For the record, I can see both pros and cons, but I think we should also consider how much this will cost consumers).
I’m all about the sacred feminine. Should we add “Stonehenge” to the list of euphemisms for the female genitalia?
There. That should keep you busy for a little while! Have a fabulous day!

Is It Really Necessary?

This is just one more reason to loathe the evil McDonald’s Corporation. Free connection with Big Mac purchase? I don’t think so. Go ahead, McD. Jump on the bandwagon. I still won’t be lured by your promise of 2 all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce and cheese.

In Case Of Emergency Water Landing

Your seat cushion can be used as a floatation device. Stop the presses right now!!!! My mother-in-law is getting on a plane for the first time in 34 years. With the aid of several bloody marys, I know she’ll do just fine. We’re proud of you!!!

Heh Heh. You Said Snotthead.

I loved the IMAX production The Living Sea. I own every Blue Planet DVD. I was a certified NASDS SCUBA diver at the tender age of 10. I’m fairly certain I was some sort of marine mammal in a former life. So it just makes sense that stories like this always pique my interest. Plus, it kind of keeps things in perspective:
“If you lived in pitch black, hunted by feeling vibrations or looking for the tiniest glimpses of light, withstood massive pressures and had to wait for months at a time to feed, you’d end up looking like Gollum as well,” said Mark Norman, a biologist who rode on the research vessel Tangaroa, which completed a month-long voyage in June.
It’s comforting to know that there is still so much out there that we haven’t messed with. Here’s my soapbox for the day: Do something now to protect our oceans. Even if you don’t live near the water, it’s all of our responsibility to take action and protect our greatest natural resource. And before you dismiss this as alarmist liberalism, you should know that even Kevin supports saving the manatees. Of course, that could just be because Jimmy Buffett does, too….

Ia Ora Te Natura
E Mea Arofa Teie Ao Nei
Ua Oau Te Maitai No Te Fenua
Te Vai Noa Ra Te Ora O Te Mitie
Thank you. You may now return to your regularly scheduled program.


So it’s Sunday, and that means our weekly trip to the grocery store. Since we always go to the same store, we have grown accustomed to the random pages over the intercom. For instance: It seems that someone named Kevin works every Sunday, so when we hear “Kevin to the office, please”, we giggle a little. Childish, I know, but fun nonetheless.
Today, however, we heard something so hilarious over the PA that we laughed for three aisles. What follows is the transcript of said page:
“Travis to receiving please. Travis, if you could come to receiving, that would be greeeaaaaattt, thanks. Uh, yeah.”
A la Office Space. Kevin and I cracked up and got more than one curious look from our fellow shoppers. Whoever had the balls to page that page in a crowded grocery store, I applaud you.

Let’s Go To The Movies

Kevin and I treated ourselves to a double feature yesterday. We went to see Nemo and Charlie’s Angels 2, and they were both pretty good. Nemo was much better than Monsters, Inc., and once again, I wish that they would sell the DVD as soon as you leave the theater.
Then it was back home, and since Kevin was really exhausted from Friday’s festivities, I let him take a little nap. He’s working again today (that’s gotta be some kind of record, at least for him), so later it’s just the grocery store and maybe some burgers on the grill, providing it doesn’t rain. Sure, we don’t lead very exciting lives, but we’re both really enjoying the peace and quiet around here right now. We’ve finally been able to spend some time together, and we’re not quite ready to give that up. All in all, it’s made for a pretty good weekend!

I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me

One of the best things about my blog is the ability to track visitors. Sure, I could just block ’em, but why? Let ’em sweat for a while….. Worried much?

Happy Fourth!!!!

Happy 4th of July! Please take a minute today to remember our troops still overseas protecting the freedom which we are celebrating today.
Then go out and have a beer and watch some fireworks!

Your Deep Thought For The Day

I think that news like this should be a bigger deal. Granted, we are about to send troops to Liberia (Mogadishu 2, anyone?), but I should think that the discovey of a “Jupiter-like” planet 90 light years away is kind of a big deal.
As Carl Sagan wrote in Contact, “if we are all alone, then it would be an awful waste of space.”

It’s Not That Bad

We have a long way to go before I get this desperate.




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