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I Surrender

Any minute now, someone is going to come knock on my door and demand I give my girl license back. I had to go shopping today, which I absolutely loathe. I had a single mission, which I reluctantly chose to accept: Procure one pair of black pants. After trying on every pair of black pants in three department stores and four specialty stores, I finally found some that will suffice. Sure, this may sound okay to all you other women, but for me, the whole experience is my very own personal hell. I’m the girl who gives her mother money and sends her to the mall for me (totally true. Yeah, I’m almost 30, so what? My mom still dresses me). I would rather have 5 root canals than spend 5 minutes trying on clothes. You can only imagine how fragile my mental state is right now after spending 4 hours at the mall. Kevin is so in charge of dinner.

8 Responses to “I Surrender”

  1. nf0 Says:

    You mean there are more than one kind of pants? Wow, of course I don’t know where my clothes come from they just show up in the closet, i guess some gnomes are making them and hanging them or something like that.

  2. Mona Says:

    calling the fashion police right now

  3. Kevin Says:

    The mere facts that a) you spent four hours and b) you tried them, ensure that you are still a woman. 😉

  4. Angela Says:

    In general I like shopping, especially those trips when I’m just bargain hunting. THere’s something completely different about shopping when you have to come home with a specific item. That pressure takes the fun out of it.

  5. kim Says:

    I hate trying stuff on, too! Gak!

  6. Camille Says:

    shopping sucks.

  7. denise Says:

    I like shopping when I have a reason, but everyone teases me because I’ll beeline to where I want to go and buy the first item that resembles what I’m after.

    Besides, I think it’s okay to be Atypical Girl once in a while. 🙂

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