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Are You Happy Now, Mom?

I discovered a troll yesterday in my comments. It seems I was publicly reprimanded by my own mother, so, in an effort to redeem myself, I shall now expound on the culinary delights which were a large part of last weeks’ Girls’ Night.
It should be noted that when a certain group of us get together, we almost always wind up in the kitchen. Usually, this migration occurs after we have already imbibed a large amount of alcohol, so it’s probably not the best place for us to be. None of this, however, serves as a sufficient deterrent. So there we were, after a quick trip to the grocery store, preparing a veritable summer feast. Allen was in charge of the crusty bread, complete with Roma tomatoes, fresh basil (from Mom’s garden), and parmesan cheese. Meanwhile, Mom was busy preparing a cold asparagus salad with green and white asparagus, a lovely French goat cheese, shallots, and a simple yet tangy balsamic vinaigarette. All of this was nothing, however, compared to Mom’s Pappardelle with Roma tomatoes, basil, garlic, and mozarella. Dessert was a platter of fresh figs and dates served with a yummy aged Gouda. Needless to say, we were full.
So yes, Mom. The beer was good. The wine was good. But the food was extraordinary. And you can feel free to come and cook for me any time!

6 Responses to “Are You Happy Now, Mom?”

  1. Camille Says:

    Ohmygosh! That all sounds so good!! Did you guys get all this from a recipe book? or do you cook fancy stuff like that all the time and from your head?! Dang!

  2. Mom Says:

    Thank you for the kudos. I didn’t want people to think that we just sat around and drank all evening. Not that there’s anything wrong in that but we DID need to eat something, didn’t we? For everyone else’s information we did not drive to the market drunk. In fact, I drove because I had the least amount to drink. Those young people can sure slam ’em back!!!

  3. merrin Says:

    Duly noted, Mom!

  4. merrin Says:

    My mom is professionally trained, which is probably why I morphed from an overweight kid into an overweight adult! 😉 And this stuff’s not hard…
    If you want the recipes just say the word!

  5. denise Says:

    Sounds absolutely yummy!! 🙂


    (Oh, on a side note, I moved my site, so this is the new addy!)

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