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I’ve always loved Bravo. They do fantastic documentaries AND they run the Audrey Hepburn marathon, like, once a month. This network, however, has now completely won my heart with their new series “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy“. This is the funniest show I’ve ever seen. It’s like Trading Spaces meets What Not To Wear, but with five gay men making over a hopelessly inept straight guy. They tackle everything: Clothes, hair, house, kitchen….Nothing is off-limits. Go watch it right now!

3 Responses to “Bra-vo!”

  1. Mona Says:

    ahh, I wish I had cable. I wish I had network tv. If American Idol was on now, i would have to beg someone to let me come over.

  2. kim Says:

    hahaha This is the 3rd time I’ve heard about this today. Must be good. More work for Mr. TiVo!!! 😀

  3. Kevin Says:

    OK. Merrin made me watch this and I have a few observations. (I’m blogging here since I don’t want to be google’s #1 for “queer eye” or “gay man”. No offense.)

    The show is really good. It’s got something for everyone. First, there’s a really funny intro that is a campy, Superhero-esque scene with the “Gay 5”. My only gripe about the show is that one of the guys plays the role of my nemesis: the ostentatious gay man. (As I am his diabolical enemy, the conservative straight guy.) But, one out of five is pretty good odds and the guy is seriously funny, so I’ll keep ’em.

    I can’t believe how large of an undertaking they do in one day’s time. The episode seems to have a makeover, a wardrobe transformation, a food component, a social component, and a room makeover. It’s an awful lot to cram into 24 hours, let alone the 1 hour episode. I kinda felt sorry for the “straight guy”. If it were me, I would be exhausted by the end of the day!

    It’s a really great show and definitely deserves a look if you get Bravo. And while we’re on the whole Bravo subject, when did this become the channel where every show revolves around gay men? There’s another new show coming that is like the gay Bachelor. I think I’m skipping it, but I’m sure Merrin will have an update for ya just as soon as it premieres. I guess it’s a step in the right direction to have one network that features gay programming.




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