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Where’s The Tylenol?

Wow. Last night was way too much fun. Mom crapped out about 2:00 AM, but the rest of us were going strong until about 4:00. I was up until around 5:00, then up and at ’em at 10:30. Kevin, who was supposed to go into work today, took us to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory instead, and then over to the Grand Opening of the new Sam Moon in Frisco. A necklace, two bags, and some earrings later, and we are now back at home. Kevin is mowing the grass, and I am nursing the last remnants of my hangover. Life is good.
I swore that I would try the Chicken Madeira the next time we went to the Factory, but alas, I was once again drawn into the seduction that is the Crusted Chicken Romano. Sorry, PTina! I swear I’ll have the Madeira next time!!! 🙂

8 Responses to “Where’s The Tylenol?”

  1. sean & megan BACK Says:

    Sounds good wish we were there to bring the morning in with yall hope to see you soon
    love Sean & Megan

  2. Kevin Says:

    I put the trackback display onto your archive pages. Yeah – you love me.

  3. Camille Says:

    4am? Sheesh. We went to a “get together” in Euless last night with some college buddies, and I was ready to go home at midnight. Maybe its because I wasn’t drinking. For some reason, I woke up with another headache. Maybe I should’ve drank after all.

  4. LoneAggie Says:

    4am… I usually get up a little after that. wow. about 10 I start nodding off 🙂

  5. merrin Says:

    I used to get up at 4:30 every morning, so this is a little unusual for me. It’s good to shake things up every once in a while, and besides, it was supervised by my mom, so how bad could it be? 😉

  6. Peppermint Tina*:) Says:

    Girl, the hours your keeeeeep! Whoowee! (I shouldn’t talk, at least you were having a grand ‘ol time with the chicks…while I have a grand ‘ol time with myself…ho-hum…)

    Okay, I forgive you*;D I know how it is when you want to try something new but you get inexplicably drawn back to the thing you told yourself you can have next time, but next time, it’s the same damn thing and you didn’t try the new thing at all! Yeah, I can forgive you…What cheesecake did you eat?! (quick, eh, I change the subject?*!)
    So glad you had fun!

  7. MOM Says:

    HEY!!! There was absolutely NO mention of the FABULOUS dinner that I cooked for us on our “girls’ night.” Beer, good. Wine, good. Dinner, EXTRAORDINARY. Or was I just dreaming?…NAH! Thanks again for a very fun time. Love, Mom

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  1. Says:

    Note to Self

    Do not ever go back to Sam Moon. It was way to crowded with way too many fraus and coeds trying to buy knock-offs. Also, do not allow wife to go to Sam Moon with more than $30. That is plenty to buy a whole SUV full of purses and “jewels”. Any more and…




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