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Let’s Go To The Movies

Kevin and I treated ourselves to a double feature yesterday. We went to see Nemo and Charlie’s Angels 2, and they were both pretty good. Nemo was much better than Monsters, Inc., and once again, I wish that they would sell the DVD as soon as you leave the theater.
Then it was back home, and since Kevin was really exhausted from Friday’s festivities, I let him take a little nap. He’s working again today (that’s gotta be some kind of record, at least for him), so later it’s just the grocery store and maybe some burgers on the grill, providing it doesn’t rain. Sure, we don’t lead very exciting lives, but we’re both really enjoying the peace and quiet around here right now. We’ve finally been able to spend some time together, and we’re not quite ready to give that up. All in all, it’s made for a pretty good weekend!

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