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Archive: May 2003

And All Is Right With The World

The babies are home. Hooray! Now, if only I didn’t have the mother of all sinus infections, life would be just about perfect. Oh well. Having the dogs here really does outweigh sinus pressure. Plus, Kevin picked up my birthday cake today. I get the same cake every year from Harper’s Bluebonnet Bakery in Fort Worth. It’s been a tradition for as long as I can remember, and Kev was sweet enough to make sure I didn’t go without, even though we were out of town. Is he cool or what?

We’re Baaaack!

And so it goes. Kevin and I are now both another year older (although I’m sure we’re not wiser). We had an uneventful flight out of Tampa, and upon arriving in the stifling heat of DFW, we realized that maybe we should just turn around. What happened? It was gorgeous when we left here, and it was 99 degrees when we landed. But now we’re home, and the only things missing are the pups, who Kevin will go fetch tomorrow. Kevin even got a bonus hour on his birthday, since we switched time zones. I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed!

Happy Birthday, Kevin!!!

I hope you have the happiest birthday ever! I’m so glad that you got to spend the week with your family, and most especially that you get to see them on your thirtieth birthday. You are the best present any girl could ask for, and you quite simply rock my world.

Vacation: Day 5

Well, it’s hard to believe that we’ve already been here almost a week, but there you go. Tomorrow, Kailey will be three weeks old, and it is, coincidentally, my 28th birthday. Today, Courtney and I went over to see her friend Erin and her two precious boys, one of whom also shares my birthday (he’ll be a year old tomorrow). The last time I saw Erin, she was pregnant, and now that kid is huge. Time really does fly. Sonny and JoJo (Kev’s grandparents) got into town today, and we got to go to dinner with them. Tomorrow night is the big birthday blow-out, since it’s the last night that Kevin will spend as a twenty-something, although I think it’s pretty safe to say that he’s been 45 at heart for a long time now….
Not much else going on down here. I checked in with Mom, and she assures me that my dogs are doing fine, even though today is the first day Chloe has really eaten. She doesn’t do very well without her mommy and daddy. The weather is beautiful, but I heard we had some bad storms back home. Is everybody ok? More later….

Vacation: Day 4

I get to babysit for the perfect angel today so that her mom can run a few errands. Really, it’s just an excuse to get my baby fix, but I’ll take it where I can get it.
We had big plans to go see Bruce Almighty last night, but those were shot down when we realized that we were really too tired to do much of anything. So we slept. And slept. And slept. Today, we are much refreshed, and Kevin is dying to get out and do stuff. In fact, I think I heard him mention something about “network cables” and “climbing in the attic to run them”, so I think it’s time to make myself scarce. More later!

It’s Official

Miss Kailey Anne Donahue is the most beautiful baby ever. Fortunately, we have loads of pictures to share, and I’m hoping that Kevin will take a moment (maybe tomorrow) to post them. We had an uneventful flight, and we spent a quiet day yesterday and today. Courtney is doing great, and she looks fabulous. Brian is already a doting daddy, and although Kev was a little apprehensive at first (“Kev, do you want to hold her?” “Good God, no, it’s too small! I’ll break it!”), he’s getting into the swing of the uncle thing. It’s shaping up to be a pretty good week! We’ll update more later….

Vacation: Day 1

Well, we’re gearing up to go to Tampa. Since we leave very early tomorrow morning (we have to be out the door around 4:00 AM—thanks, Orange Alert), I took the pups to Mom’s house today. They are very excited to be going on a vacation of their own, and they sure did love the long ride in the C-A-R. Now I just have to pack, and we’re all set!

Operation: Hop Along Update

Well, we have now successfully rescued 5 bunnies, but this last one sure gave me a scare. Kevin is outside mowing the backyard, and I went out on the back porch, where I turned my head just in time to see him push the growling lawn mower ever closer to Bunny #6 (we’ve saved 5, but the first one had an unfortunate run-in with Chloe). I swooped in just in time to scoop up the tiny terrified hare, and he is now Reunited with his family. The good news is that the dogs are going to stay with Gramma Cheryl tomorrow, so until then, it’s leashes, baby.

Wooooo Hoooooo!!!!!

It’s official!!!! I am now on vacation for TWO GLORIOUS WEEKS!!!! Hot damn and hallelujah!!!!

The Art Of Bookselling

I’m about to break my number one rule of blogging. That’s right, I’m going to post about work.
I would like to take a moment and discuss the Art of Bookselling. Go ahead and laugh, but it truly is a thing of beauty when done correctly. Pretend, for a moment, that you are my average customer.
You: “Hello. I’m looking for a book.”
{endless pause}
Me: “Well, you’ve come to the right place. Which book do you need?”
You: “Um, I’m not sure of the title, but I think it’s about history. I don’t know who wrote it.”
Me: “What kind of history? U.S.? World? Ancient? Military? British?”
Me {to myself}: “Throw me a friggin’ bone, here.”
You: Um, uh, I, uh, think it’s about leadership. Maybe it’s not history. Maybe it’s business.
Me: Could it be The Art of War?
You: That’s it!
Keep in mind, that during this whole, rather painful, exchange, I have led you directly to the book, which is now in your hand. Bookselling requires a whole lot of intuition. At any given moment, there are over 100,000 books on the shelf of your average superstore. That’s like finding a needle in a haystack when the Friendly Consumer doesn’t know jack about what he/she needs. And yet, day after day, Booksellers instinctively know what it is you want. You say you say it on TV? Why, you’re looking for What Should I Do With My Life!!!! You heard a funny guy on NPR? You want David Sedaris.
Bookselling also bears remarkable similarities to bartending. We, your Friendly Neighborhood Booksellers, suddenly become your best friend. Sure, we know it’s embarrasing when you need a book on improving your sex life, but I promise it’s not the first time we’ve been asked that question. You were just diagnosed with a random, but eminently curable, disease? I don’t need the details, I swear, but I’m more than happy to find your book. You just found out you’re pregnant? Congratulations! Here’s a baby name book. But whatever you do, please, please, please do not tell us your life story. I don’t really want to know the gory details of your cousin Janie’s emergency C-Section.
I’ve been doing this job for so long that I know where each and every title in my store can be found. I’m not exaggerating. I don’t even have to look most of them up anymore. However, as a plea for all Booksellers everywhere, I implore you: Do not come into a bookstore asking for something that does not exist. We are not the library. We will not have anything on the political and social history of Paraguay. Yes, I know that your 25-page paper is due tomorrow morning, but you waited until 10:30 the night before.
There is one thing that is always acceptable in the bookstore, and that is your reverent awe of the Bookseller when we walk you straight to the book without ever looking it up, even though you butchered the title. We like your praise. We like your respect for our vast book knowledge. We’ve worked very hard to attain this level of literary awareness, and it makes our day when you acknowledge our brilliance. I recognize that this sounds a little (okay, a lot) self-indulgent and conceited; however, we do have our own saint, so that allows us a bit of a sense of entitlement.
I really would never work in any other branch of retail. For the most part, my customers are extremely intelligent (even those who have no idea what they’re looking for). It’s just that some days—like today—I unearthed several needles in haystacks, and I felt that Booksellers everywhere deserved a little appreciation. So, please, the next time you wander into a bookstore, take a moment and observe us in action. We’ll impress you.

Oooh, Fun Stuff!

So in complete opposition to the previous post, I thought I’d offer the following: These are the two best searches to my blog today:
Oscar De La Joya Nude
Oh, if only….
My mother is an alien
Why yes, yes she is.

Where Do I Even Start?

First, President Bush ‘upgrades’ the Philippines. So, what, now it’s first class all the way? It turns out that what he meant to call them was a “major non-NATO ally”. Let’s be a little more clear about this: That still means that they’re not a friend. Let’s also please try and remember that the Philippines is a hotbed of terrorist activity. Sure, the government of the Philippines would like nothing better than to rid itself of the MILFs (I swear to everything holy I am not making this up—that’s the actual name of a terrorist organization), but can we be a little realistic just for a minute? Don’t you think that President Bush’s decision was based more on geography? Look on a map. See where it is? If you said “Within shooting distance of North Korea”, then you’re right. Please don’t accept the news of a new ally at face value. We’re not simply being good neighbors. We’re positioning ourselves to take out the next “Axis of Evil”. Good or bad, right or wrong, that’s for you to decide, but I thought that somebody should point out the obvious, since we all know we won’t hear about it on the evening news.

A Whole Lotta Nuthin’

I feel like I’ve been living in a cave for the last three days. I’ve barely had time to check email, let alone post about nothing at all, which is, of course, the usual fare offered here. However, I suspect it’s all part of Kevin’s master plot to keep me either A) indoors, or B) as far away from the house as possible. In reality, I have been working for the last 72 hours, as I will continue to do for the next 72 hours. I do feel an acute case of vacationitis creeping up, though, since my vacation starts on Friday. I will be off work for two glorious weeks!!! Only three more torturous days until sweet, sweet oblivion.
In the meantime, I have the American Idol finale to keep me going. Hey, it’s the little things that count.

Camille Envy

She got to nap all weekend. I had to work.

This Is A Public Service Announcement

There has been quite a bit of discussion in our house over this. I wouldn’t believe it except that Kevin is really a bit miffed, and now he follows me outside. Which leads to my second theory (the first being that it never happened, but we just shot that down): These guys are f-ing blind. Or extrememly near-sighted. Allow me to present Exhibit A. Not enough proof that said incident never ocurred, or that N1 & N2 are blind as bats? Check out Exhibit B. Definitely not my best moment. Certainly, this should dispel any rumor that I keep all the he-bitches in my man-stable locked in my spare bedroom. Besides, I think they were looking at my mom.




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