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Who Are The People In Your Neighborhood, Volume II

Have you ever noticed how many people you actually talk to in a day? Sure, there are the random customers/clients, but I’m not really talking about them. I’m not referring to your co-workers, either. Based on my careful calculations, I have now concluded that during the average work day, I interact with 37 different people, excluding my employees and my customers. Certainly, I am counting those with whom I converse via the telephone, but I am omitting those with whom I communicate via electronic means. Here’s the rough breakdown of my favorite 5:
1. My UPS driver. I love this guy because he quite clearly hates himself, his job, and pretty much everything else. He is continually surly toward me, although his face lights up and he actually speaks to my Receiving Manager. I have never gotten so much as a “hello”. My mission in life is to get him to crack a smile.
2. The Money Man. If you’ve ever worked Big Box retail, you know who I’m talking about: the guy with the gun who takes your money to the bank. This guy is always pleasant, and he comments on the weather each and every day. He answers “I’m blessed, thank you for asking” each time I ask how he’s doing. Consistency is a beautiful thing, indeed.
3. My postal carrier. Believe it or not, she’s actually quite sane, and has even been known to pick up the tab when we get letters with postage due, and she’s always patient when we remember an important letter that we have to run and get at the last minute. What a woman!
4. The employees of the restaurant across the parking lot. They always come to read on their lunch breaks, and they always put their books back when they’re through. Thanks, guys!
5. Steve, The Milkman. Three days a week, Steve is there with a smile and a story, he’s the perfect sounding board for any problem, and I look forward to seeing him Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (plus, he brings me free chocolate milk). I’m pretty sure he’s in the wrong line of work, because he would make a killer bartender.
These are but a few of the people in my neighborhood, and they manage to make my days just a little more colorful. So, thanks, guys. I promise, I really don’t take you for granted!

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