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I’m A Loser, Baby

Lesson learned. Apparently, I need to be a little more specific when vetoing color choices for the walls in my bedroom. While I did, in fact, tell Kevin he could not paint the walls the color of his favorite shirt, I never thought to nix the color of his shorts. Damn. Now I’m stuck with khaki walls. Remember, I’m the one who loves color on walls. Neutral is for pansies. And one more thing: Everyone who knows me is familiar with the fact that I am never intelligible before I’ve had caffeine. So if I did indeed say “Bliakjfskl jasflmn gdkjlkljewrkjljkj“, it was more likely than not some sort of criticism. But how can I possibly be disappointed when he worked so hard around the house today? Hell, my ice maker finally works again, and that alone is reason enough for a party! Meanwhile, I am patiently awaiting my revenge over losing the Great Paint Battle of 2003. That’s right. The guest room AND the guest bathroom are getting painted bright, fire-engine, candy-apple red. Who has the last laugh now?

One Response to “I’m A Loser, Baby”

  1. Kevin Says:

    For the record, you approved the color. It’s a great base to build some eye-popping colors with your accents. You know that so I don’t wanna hear it!

    And as far as the “bright, fire-engine, candy-apple red” in the front bedroom goes, you asked who would have the last laugh? Well, with those big bay windows, I’d say the neighbors. :tongue




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