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Damn Willie Nelson

I heard a rumor earlier this week that tonight’s Date Night would include a trip to Lone Star Park. Unfortunately, it does not look like this rumor will be substantiated, since Willie Nelson will be appearing. Not that I really have anything against Willie Nelson, mind you. I find it a bit humorous that he is still so heavily into smoking the ganja at such an advanced stage of life. It’s more that I remember the last time we forayed to the races when he was there. It was a nightmare. Keep in mind that he won’t even take the stage until around 11:00. People don’t care about this tidbit, though, and they will hang out (in front of the self-serve betting machines, no less!) for hours. All of the hype will then prevent the true compulsive gamblers from have the necessary experiences to be able to tell really good 12-Step stories. It gets even better, by the way, when you can exploit two addictions at the same time. Yes, my friends, I’m talking about $1.50 beer night at the track! I was really looking forward to tonight, too (stop laughing—at least horse racing isn’t as bad as NASCAR). Damn Willie Nelson. Now I have to figure out something else to do.

4 Responses to “Damn Willie Nelson”

  1. The Old Buzzard Says:

    Well … this old buzzard still smokes his share of ganja with great delight and relish at 65, and highly recommends its benefits (glaucoma prevention) and delights (relaxation superior to alcohol).

  2. Aurora Says:

    I wish yours and Kevin’s comments would remember me, by the time I type in all the info again, I forgot the witty remark I was going to leave in here. hehehee

  3. Kevin Says:

    Are you checking the box that says “Remember Info?” It seems to be working for me from several different computers.

    Let me know. Maybe it’s a bug.

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