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Ahhhhhhh, The Weekend

Well, mine anyway:devil. I’ve enjoyed a war-free 24 hours, and now I think I’m almost ready to once again turn on the news. I have to mentally steel myself against the images awaiting me once I flip to CNN. My original plan was to catch snippets of news on and off tomorrow, in between updating the Reading List and burning a CD but I have now been summoned to lunch with Brooke and her niece (who is visiting from Florida. Hi Whitney!). So it’s off to the old stomping ground and an enjoyable day spent in Fort Worth, once again away from things that depress me. Hooray for the weekend!

One Response to “Ahhhhhhh, The Weekend”

  1. Peppermint Tina*:) Says:

    You go and have the best 24 stressless hours you can!




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