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Is It Morning?

Actually, even though I did not go to sleep until 5:30 this morning, I arose fairly early (well before noon), made breakfast, played with the dogs, and turned the Tivo on to CNN. Damn. Can’t a girl just tune out for 8 hours without the world coming to an end? So it looks like we’re going in, and while I’ve tried very hard to keep my views to myself (it’s not my place to force my opinions on others…That should give you some idea of where I stand), I have to say that at the very least, I’m relieved that there will at least finally be some resolution. If you really want to get into it, however, let me know, and I’ll be happy to treat you to my own personal diatribe. Someone asked me, in passing, last night about my thoughts on Natalie Maines’ recent remarks regarding our President, and it led to a two-hour discussion, so be forewarned.
Other than that, I’m just exteremely tired, and I think I have finally realized that I am not, in fact, 19 anymore, and it hurts to stay up all night, even when alcohol is not involved. I think I’ll go tune out the world for a little while, and maybe watch a little Trading Spaces (I’m thinking of painting the bedroom Cranberry! {Gaillardia Red, actually}). Kevin wants to go for something a tad more muted (pewter…..eeeww!), but I’ve always had that flair for the dramatic, and I think the room needs a little color, plus it’ll match our whole Pottery Barn theme! Did I mention that I want to paint the kitchen a butter yellow? The guest bath needs a different color, too…(Hey, anything that helps me escape from the real world for a while!)
Color, Color Everywhere

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