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RT @HonestToddler: Toddler Tip: She has a bounty of nerves underneath that "last" one. Don't worry :)

But It’s Sunday!

Ack. I have to work tonight, which goes against everything I hold sacred. No, I’m not talking about religious views. Sunday is my day with my husband. It is the only day we have just to ourselves. However, tonight, I must go and work all night re-arranging my entire store. As fun as that may be, I will still feel discombobulated (I love that word!) for the remainder of the day. Kev, meanwhile, is puttering about in the yard and “fixing” things around the house. Who knew things were broken? So now I’m left with the whole day to check up on the news (this is freaky), read a book, watch TV, and take a nap. I guess it’s not so bad to work on Sunday!

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