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Salmonella, Anyone?

Well, Kev is still down with the nastiest bout of food poisoning I’ve seen in a while, and although he is convinced that I pulled a “Goodbye Earl” move on him, rest assured that he will, in fact, survive. Last night was rough, as I was rousted from my peaceful slumber at 3:00 AM to go in search of Pepto and Gatorade. Lemme tell ya: Ain’t nuthin’ open at that ungodly hour in Flower Mound. I did manage to finally locate a gas station which fortunately stocked the necessary provisions; alas, they did nothing to alleviate the poor boy’s suffering. Morning dawned too early, but at least I had a fun day ahead! Mom and I ventured over to Frisco for gastronomical treats provided by the Cheesecake Factory, and then we continued our girlish day at Restoration Hardware, which is quite possibly my favorite store on the planet. A quick trip to the grocery store for Jell-O and chicken broth (and more Gatorade and Pepto), then it was home to make a chocolate cream pie to take to work. Kevin is once again in bed, trying desperately to recover from last night’s digestive pyrotechnics, which leaves me free to watch all the Tivo I can handle! Whoo-hooo! Girls night for me! (At least until 3:00 AM).
In Sickness & In Health

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